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Flat Bed Knitting Machine

Machine Type
Machine Gauges (G)
Knitting Machine Type
Single Bed
Fabric Type
Sleeves, Woolen Sweater, School Dress, Pullovers, Ladies Cardigans, Sweat Shirts
Knitting Width (Inch)
40 inches
Model Name/Number
SL 640
Knitting Speed
42 RPM
Knitting Machine Cut
Needle Style
Compound Needle
Motor Power
3 kW
Power Supply
Single Phase
We Deal In
New Only
Manufacturing Country
50 Hz

BLL Semi Automatic Flat Bed Knitting Machine (Sleeve Knitting Machine)

  • This is very easy to operate. And one worker can run sevral machines and production efficiency is improved.
  • This is specially made for woolen series you can make sleeves(Arms) automatically on this machine without yarn waste.
  • You Can Knit Auto striper, Mini jacquard, Tuck knit etc. You knit woolen sweater, school dress, pullovers, ladies cardigans. sweat shirts, color, tape & panel etc.
  • You can do single transfer. This is fully computerized widening flat knitting machine. Its all function are use by electronics. This model is available in four colors and six colors.


  1. Having automatically increase and decrease function, being widely applicable to knit sweater with all kinds of materials, especially single woolen garment piece.
  2. Being equipped with general flat knitting machine or sleeve knitting machine, being easy to rapidly acquire and master operation.
  3. Being controlled by import computer with high intelligence, having function of self-discrnment, automatic stopping to warn and automatic making etc; being easy program and operate.
  4. Modular computer controlling system is reliable and easy to be maintained.
  5. Advanced motor drive can ensure to smoothly run the machine.


  1. Knitting width: 40inch
  2. Gauge : 7G 9G 10G 12G 14G 16G
  3. Automatic changing yarn: 4-6colors
  4. Knitting speed: Speed set limits(1-6colors)
  5. Power supply: Ac220v+-8%.50HZ
  6. Full machine power consumption: 350w


  1. Running speed 6 section : First section speed is 12rmp. 42rmp for the 6th section (initial knitting 200+200revolution speed of carriage head flat funning).
  2. Widening speed: synchronized with carriage head running.
  3. Narrowing speed: 6 second each time (simultaneous narrowing at both side at the same time)
  4. Power consumption figure for hours:3Kw.h

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: SL-640



Minimum Order Quantity

one unit

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